Important information and Support - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Department for Work and Pensions

Changes to jobcentre appointments

People receiving benefits do not have to attend jobcentre appointments for three months, starting from Thursday 19 March 2020. People will continue to receive their benefits as normal, but all requirements to attend the jobcentre in person are suspended.
If you’re making a new claim
Don’t delay making a benefit claim, even if you think you may be affected by coronavirus. You can apply for Universal Credit online. If you are eligible you will need to make an appointment for your new claim interview. This interview will take place by telephone with a work coach. You will be given the number to call to book this appointment when you have submitted your claim. Universal Credit users are experiencing extended waiting times for GOV.UK Verify,  and  are working to improve the situation as quickly as  possible.
Affected by coronavirus - If you’re already claiming Universal Credit and think you may have been affected by coronavirus, please contact your work coach as soon as possible. You can do this using your online journal